Old age is no ball. It’s no fun at all. It’s a pity, but we know how our loved ones can no longer live independently in their old age. Imagine not being able to run to the grocery store when you need something. Losing your independence all of a sudden has a very deep impact. Some may even be hit with feelings of loneliness and worthlessness.
But despite feeling lonely, they do not have company to brighten their day. They try to accomplish something, or even a simple task to make themselves feel useful, but old age makes one take more time and energy in accomplishing tasks. This could even lead to becoming mentally unstable.

Constantly battling with impaired vision, hearing loss, medical conditions that could worsen with time – it is imperative that someone be there constantly to watch over them. Most people who reach the age of 65 or above even do reach out to family/ friends or professionals to aide them with this period of their lives.

Given that we live in the 21st century, millennials are juggling tasks in their lives – so much that it can become overwhelming at times. Oftentimes, being around your senior family to look after them 24/7 may not be practical. For some – it even reaches a point of being completely mentally exhausted and fatigued, because practically speaking, caring for your senior family is a service that you need to render to them round the clock. There are no shortcuts here. You have to be with them throughout.


Many of us do not have the luxury of being at home all the time. Many family’s live miles apart. Many of them are constantly travelling overseas for business meetings. Or even something as simple as having a 9 – 5 job which will tie you down to your desk for at least 8 hours straight.

For people in such scenarios – the idea of “In Home Care” would be very viable.

In home care is a form of supportive care that is provided to seniors and elderly in the comfort of their own homes. It allows the elderly to gracefully age in a familiar environment rather than moving them into a nursing home.
Senior care companies provide in-home caregivers that will render a variety of servicesbased on the needs of the person. The time that a caregiver provides may also vary ranging from a few hours in a day to working twenty-four hour shifts, depending on the client’s requirements.


Once you have hired a caregiver to take care of your loved one, these are some of the services that you can expect them to provide:

How to Choose the Best In Home Care Agency

Hiring through an agent, rather than doing it directly through a company is more feasible. An agent has the benefit of being a broker for various companies and will be able to give you comparisons. They also have more in depth knowledge and will be able to advise you better based on your needs and requirements.
Choosing the right agency will depend on very many factors. You need to consider what you are looking for and whether it will be suitable for your loved one.

  1. Be rigorous with the information you gather. Request for quotes and write up’s in the initial stages. Not only will this give you an insight on the cost comparison, but it will also help you peruse through the benefit comparison write ups. This will help you to see what benefits your loved one will be getting. It will also help you see what services are being offered at a greater value.
  2. Be sure to note and find out whether the company that you are hiring from is licensed. A senior care advisor will be able to tell you this as they have all the documentation at hand. Also be sure to find out whether all the employees available have been insured by the parent company. You do not want to get into any mishaps if in case this has not been done.
  3. Find out about the training that the caregivers have gone through. This will help answer some of the questions that you may have in terms of the quality of services being offered. Ask about the training and developing program that has been lined up for them, because a company that invests in their employees always believes in having quality employees.

In case you also need help with meals make sure they have a valid food permit. Kindly be sure to check if all their license requirements are up to date. Generally, most states do require continuing courses every year so that their employees are up to date.

Although many may feel that having a family or friend taking care of a loved would be less expensive, they do risk the possibility of not having a replacement in case that relative/ friend falls ill.

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Most of us would prefer to actually hire someone ourselves as this will give us a sense of security and the feeling that we could trust this person more. However, on a broader scale, hiring an agency to send you one of the caregivers may actually be more beneficial.
Here are some of the reasons that you should strongly consider in getting professional help:

  • More secure: Unless you actually carry out a criminal background check on the person that you will be hiring, there are high chances that you won’t know other aspects of the individual. Hiring through an agency will be more beneficial in this case because it is their duty to carry out all the necessary background checks.
    Not only this, but caregivers may face numerous work related risks, each unique to the different home they care for. Employers have taken this into account and do provide services such as theft coverage, auto insurance and general & professional liabilities.
  • Contingency plans: If by any chance your caregiver gets sick, or leaves the job, the agency will easily be able to send a trained replacement to take over the duties. You will be relieved of the stress of having to look for last minute plans to cover up for this.
  • Employer obligations: If you hire a caregiver directly, you will be obliged to act as an employer. You will have to take the responsibility in making sure that their wages are paid on time, ensure that they have worker compensation, take responsibility of their payroll taxes, arrange their worker insurance for them, etc. Whereas if you get your aide from an agency, it will save you from all these responsibilities.
  • Ongoing training classes: If you hired a caregiver directly, how often will you be able to train them? On the other hand, when you get a caregiver directly from an agent, be assured that they will have ongoing training because they have the resources to do this. They will also ensure that the caregiver is fully resourceful and is knowledgeable in the field that they are entering. Caregivers are also trained in emergency preparation protocols, personal care routines, safe infection control and fall prevention.
  • Compassionate and caring individuals: The people who are employed in such services are naturally very kind and compassionate. A relative or friend may have biased feelings in doing this service, whereas the hired person will give their cent percent in making sure that you loved one is cared for. They will go out of their way to ensure that all their responsibilities are fulfilled. This in turn will also be appreciated by the elderly.


It is very important to note that the “In Home Care” and “Home Health Care” are two very separate jobs. It would be advisable to first call your agency and explain your needs to them before simply picking a random company.
In home care typically sends over caregivers that will offer their services in terms of your daily routines such as medical reminders, bathing, changing linens, cleaning and organizing, preparation of meals etc.
Whereas “Home Health Care” is more technical and medically associated. It does not cater for the duties a caregiver in Home care would discharge, rather, their services offered are more clinical. Their job leans more towards administering and managing client medication.
Although an “In home caregiver” is already trained with first aid, that does not qualify them for the services that a nurse will give when they are providing in – house home treatment.
It would be extremely advisable to first call an agent and narrate your needs to him so that he can help you decide. Also, you should note that Home Health Care is actually more expensive. You will be able to note this as soon as your agent sends you quotes.

For various families, having the service of “In home care” will support their needs in so many ways. It will help you manage your time and schedule. It will also mentally take care of the emotional need of both your loved ones and yourself. You will prevent yourself from incurring the mental burnout phases and rid yourself of the guilt of not being physically present all the time. For more information about our services please visit About Us page.