Assisted Living Facilities

Assisted living facilities (ALFs) are residential communities designed for the elderly. ALFs house seven to 150 residents. Some are family-operated, while others are operated by national corporations. Senior care in an assisted living facility consists of housing, basic services and overseeing residents’ well-being. Some ALFs also provide nursing care or care designed for those with mental health challenges, dementia or disabilities.

Service Packages

  • The following service packages are available at assisted living facilties for residents with Medicaid:

Assisted Living

  • Residents have private apartments to support their independence and choice.
  • These senior living facilities provide nursing services as needed.
  • Staff assists with personal care and administering medication.

Adult Residential Care (ARC)

  • Residents receive assistance with medication and personal care.
  • Limited supervision is provided as needed.

Enhanced Adult Residential Care (EARC)

  • Rooms are shared by no more than two people.
  • Intermittent nursing care is provided.
  • Residents receive help with medication and personal care.
  • Specialized dementia care is sometimes provided.


For Medicaid residents in Washington State, the Department of Social and Health Services uses a need-focused system for residents. The system is adjusted according to the geographic location and is based on 17 levels of care. Assisted living facilities determine their rates for private pay residents separately, and the rates may differ.

Laws and Guidelines for Assisted Living Facilities

As assisted living facilities must meet certain guidelines, and staff must have appropriate qualifications. All AFL staff must be certified as home care aides. They must have completed 75 hours of training and must participate in continuing education for 12 hours per year.

Assisted living facilities are inspected every 18 months at a minimum. If complaints have been filed, inspections may happen more frequently. Homes that are not in compliance with licensing requirements may accrue civil fines, have their licenses revoked, or have criminal allegations reported to law enforcement. 

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